One more primary school is to have the name of another great educator and citizen etched on it by term’s end.

The school is St. Andrew’s Primary, which will be renamed on Wednesday, June 22 by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, in an official ceremony.

Minister Jones will unveil the plaque bearing the name of the educator and give the history of the school, while detailing the contribution of the politician, A. Dacosta Edwards, whose name it will bear.

The St. Andrew’s Primary School has a long history, which dates back to the 1800s to a school known as the St. Andrew’s Church Combined School.?? That school, destroyed by a hurricane in 1898, was then moved to the now defunct Railway Station at Belleplaine Plantation.??

By 1900, a building was erected in Belleplaine to house the boys and girls and the institution continued to be a mixed school until 1907. The girls were then transferred to a new building erected on the western end of the same premises called the St. Andrew’s Girls’ School. The former building became the St. Andrew’s Boys’ School.

In 1982, students came from the Bawden Mixed School after the closure of that school. The Andrew’s Boys’ and Girls’ schools were amalgamated in 1984 to form the St. Andrew’s Primary & Composite School.

The St. Andrew’s Composite provided education for students who had learning difficulties and could not go on to one of the secondary schools on the island.?? It catered to children aged three to 16. After the seniors were transferred to the Alma Parris Secondary School, which opened in September 1995, the institution in Belleplaine was renamed the St. Andrew’s Primary School.

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