Minister of Sports, John King (right) and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Neil Rowe (red shirt), carrying the banner to promote the launch of the National Senior Games in Bridgetown on Saturday. Also taking part in the march was Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde (left). (A.Reid/BGIS)

Minister with responsibility for Sports, John King, says that his ministry is joining forces with the National Sports Council to host island-wide community sporting events next year, in an effort to encourage Barbadians to be more active.

Referring to the recent Indigo Wellness Index, which rated Barbados as the sixth unhealthiest country in the world, the minister stated: “I’m saying that this ranking for Barbados, regardless of how well or how skewed the statistics may be, really does not represent the Barbados that you and I grew up in, and it means therefore that we have got to do something to change these statistics.”

He was speaking at the launch of the 2019 National Senior Games in Independence Square last Saturday.

Mr. King reminded his audience, made up primarily of senior athletes, of growing up in a Barbados with grandparents who walked everywhere for miles; attending schools where everyone was involved in sports; and of living in communities where everyone joined the social and sporting clubs.

“Persons of all ages should recognize the importance of cultivating healthy lifestyle habits as well as participating in civic activities, which can contribute to the progress of our nation,” he submitted.

Minister King lauded the Senior Games, noting that the event played a pivotal role in encouraging seniors to stay active.  He added: “Efforts aimed at motivating our seniors to achieve greater value and quality in their lives by staying healthy, active and fit must be applauded.”

The 18th annual National Senior Games will run from May 2 to June 10, under the theme Live Well….Live Long.  Seniors will compete in 15 sporting disciplines.

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