Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and parents or guardians of children with disabilities are encouraged to participate in a research project entitled "Employing Persons with Disabilities: Perceptions, Attitudes and Challenges".

This project, being launched by the Ministry of Social Care, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies School of Education, with assistance from the Barbados Council for the Disabled, seeks to indentify meaningful employment opportunities for PWDs in Barbados.

It also aims to explore the kinds of employment opportunities available for them in the labour market; capture the experiences of PWDs who are employed, self-employed and unemployed; and examine the perceptions of employers to the inclusion of PWDs in the workplace.

A combination of surveys- (face-to-face and online)-and focus group interviews will be used to collect data for the study.

Persons interested in participating in the project should contact the Barbados Council for the Disabled at 427-8136 or by email at

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