Queen’s??Park House (FP)??

Government has already received a number of expressions of interest from corporate Barbados to restore Queen’s Park House.

That is the word from Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who disclosed that they "have had very hopeful overtures" regarding the building.

He made the comments yesterday while addressing the media during a conference at his office at Mall Internationale, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

Mr. Lashley said he was hopeful that in the not too distant future an announcement would be made about the start of the restorative work. He continued: "We have to restore the building and we need to move very quickly towards ensuring that it does not get worse…"

He pointed out that the Ministries of Culture and Transport and Works were working to ensure that the existing structure was cleaned up. "I am aware that the buildings are frequented by vagrants and persons who do not have lawful authority to be in there and, therefore, we are going to ensure that the buildings can be protected from visitors who do not have a lawful presence there.

"It is very important to do that because those buildings are historic in nature and we have to ensure that nothing happens to cause the destruction of them," he stressed.

The Minister also disclosed that Government was very keen on acquiring the Globe Cinema for the purpose of cultural and theatrical activities. "We have signalled that to the owners of the property and it is our intent to move forward with that proposal to purchase the Globe Cinema. Of course, this is all subject to the Ministry of Finance concluding financial arrangements," he emphasised.

Mr. Lashley stressed that it was his Ministry’s intention to ensure that buildings, particularly those that fall within the Bridgetown area, could be used for cultural and creative activities and would not fall into disrepair.

Cabinet recently approved the establishment of a Task Force to assist Government in the sourcing of funds to restore buildings and he noted that it had already started its work.


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