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The Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs is appealing to persons requesting caregiver passes to restrict the number of requests for passes to care for a single person.

The Ministry, in a statement today, said that they had received thousands of applications, in some cases, from people requesting as many as eight passes to care for a single person.

It has made it clear that such requests cannot be accommodated as it seeks to adhere to Government policy to restrict movement across the island.

A decision has therefore been taken to impose a limit of two caretaker passes per patient, except in cases where the person requires 24-hour nursing care.  In such cases, a maximum of four caretaker passes are being approved.

The Ministry has appealed to persons to open their homes during this period to relatives in need of care, or alternatively to arrange for a family member or friend to reside with the person so as to eliminate the need for a caregiver to travel back and forth.


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