Retiring Deputy Postmaster General Dorcas Scantlebury was described as a pillar of the Barbados Postal Service, and one of its most knowledgeable employees.

Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, was among those sharing accolades to Ms. Scantlebury during a retirement function in her honour at Champers Restaurant, last Saturday.

Noting that Ms. Scantlebury bestowed a lot of her knowledge to him since taking over the Ministry, Mr. Brathwaite pointed out that she was respected not just in Barbados, but across the world.??

???I am left with no doubt that her knowledge and dedication is appreciated not just in Barbados, but further afield,??? he said.

While thanking the retiree for her confidence in the Barbados Postal Service over the years, and her wealth of knowledge, he stressed that he was sure that it would be shared with her successors.

???When you have so much talent, you don???t retire, but find other ways to use it,??? Mr. Brathwaite said, adding that she also had a wonderful spirit and gentleness about her.

He said that during her tenure Ms. Scantlebury also highlighted the fact that while people may not be writing letters like before, the Barbados Postal Service still had a bright future.

???I thought of the Post Office as just the Post Office, [but] then I found out there was more to it than people sending letters???. There is a science to what you do. There are actually many opportunities within the postal service…,??? Mr. Brathwaite said.

Postmaster General, Joel Brathwaite, also described the retiree as a meticulous and articulate individual, who took pride in doing an efficient and competent job.

He added that Ms. Scantlebury also sought to gain knowledge outside of her field, and was never daunted by any task, as she had a passion for work.?????We will miss you. You have served us well and???cannot be replaced. I hope your retirement will be a most rewarding one,??? he stated.

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