???Antiquated??? and ???outdated???.

That is how Barbados??? labour laws have been described by Commerce Minister, Donville Inniss.

And, the legislation that is of grave concern to him is in relation to the current working hours, as he has expressed the view that this country must become a 24-hour society.

??????This 8:00 to 4:00 attitude and conduct must become something of the past. The world does not stop at 4:00 p.m., and wait until Barbados opens the next morning.

???I???m a firm believer that all of this money spent on overtime and excess pay should stop. ???And, I am bold enough to say that I will do whatever I can do to help effect real change in terms of our labour laws,??? he announced.

He made these comments this morning at the opening of the fifth Massy Stores Supermarket at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.??While stating that employees have rights, the Minister further maintained that employers and consumers have rights as well.

???All we have to do is sit together and talk about them and resolve them in the interest of this society and this economy,??? the Minister emphasised.


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