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Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Corey Lane, has reminded clients of the Adopt Our Families Programme that it is currently under review, and they should re-register for it by Wednesday, June 30.

Mr. Lane said only those persons who had completed the assessment and were approved for the programme would receive funds.

“Therefore, clients are advised to complete the survey as soon as possible and await a response from the programme directly. They should not approach the banks with queries,” he stated.

The Special Advisor stressed that to re-register, persons may call or message 535-5329, 535-5523 or 535-5530, so that they can receive details on the questionnaire, which is to be completed.  Persons may also re-register by clicking here.

He noted that the Adopt Our Families Programme, designed to provide a social safety net for vulnerable households receiving zero income, has been assisting close to 5,000 people. 

He explained that it was now necessary to review the programme again to ensure it was still reaching those it had been created to assist.

“We continuously examine our records to ensure that we are assisting the most vulnerable in society; if clients are getting some kind of assistance elsewhere, whether it is from the National Insurance Office, the Welfare Department, or someone from the household is working; we are asking that clients allow some other household that may be in a worse position to get that assistance.

“So, if members of the public know of anyone whose situation has improved, please ask them to reach out to us at the Household Mitigation Unit at 535-5329, and let us know so that more vulnerable families can be assisted,” Mr. Lane urged.  

The Special Advisor emphasised the importance of the programme, stressing that it has greatly assisted many households. He said some clients had expressed concerns about whether the programme is coming to an end.

However, he has given the assurance that the Prime Minister’s Office would officially communicate such details to clients whenever that decision is made.  

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