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Government is reviewing the Adopt Our Families Programme and re-registering the households, which fall under it, to ensure that the most vulnerable families are still benefiting from critical financial assistance.

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Corey Lane, said it was necessary to undertake the review and re-registration of the one-year-old programme at this time and make any warranted changes so “the vulnerable remains on the radar”.  

Therefore, Mr. Lane has encouraged those persons receiving assistance from the programme to update their status and re-register.  

“Persons who registered for the Adopt Our Families Programme were recently sent a link via their cell phone and we want them to complete the questionnaire. Those who registered for the programme, but have not seen or are unable to fill out the survey link, should call or message 535-5329, so they can get the necessary assistance to complete the information,” he stated.

Mr. Lane stressed that completed questionnaires must be submitted by Tuesday, May 25, 2021.


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