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The Ministry of Health and Wellness has advised the public that it has tightened the definition of a villa for quarantine purposes, in respect of COVID-19.

People arriving in Barbados with a negative COVID-19 PRC test from countries categorised as high risk are required to quarantine at a government facility free of charge, or at a designated hotel or approved villa at their own expense.

A villa for the purpose of quarantine is defined in the updated travel protocols, which came into effect today, Friday, September 4, as a self-contained accommodation unit, which shares no common areas with other properties such as gyms, laundry rooms or swimming pools.

The villa must be for the exclusive use of the party of each reservation. Guests are not permitted to leave the accommodation during the quarantine period, and there must be no visitors to the property, with the exception of the property manager, or a representative of the villa management company.

Staffing at the property must be at reduced levels, and staff is required to wear full industry standard personal protective equipment while working.

There must be 24-hour manned security, or security cameras monitored by a security firm in Barbados, which is capable of ensuring that quarantine is not violated.

All villas must be registered with the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA), and must be managed by a villa management company.  Any villa to be used for the purpose of quarantine must be approved by the Product Quality Unit of the BTPA. Requests for approval of properties must be submitted by the villa management company at least 72 hours in advance of the party’s arrival by emailing villaapproval@visitbarbados.org.


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