???Under no circumstances must the impact of teaching be underestimated, as it shapes our minds and thus, the path we take in life.???

These sentiments were expressed by Chairperson of the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC), Yvonne Walkes, at the opening of a two-day ???Curriculum Design and Development Workshop??? at the Council???s Roebuck Street Headquarters.

Ms. Walkes stressed.?? ???We at the BAC believe that teaching is one of the most demanding and crucial professions in the world. Teachers and trainers now, and in the future, will continue to be critical in facilitating learning and making it more cogent.???

Observing that there had been an increasing demand for quality education and training in Barbados, she stated that this was as a result of the liberalisation of education and training services globally, and the free movement of skills and labour through mechanisms such as the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, among other initiatives.

???I am sure that you have noticed the resultant increase in competition between local and foreign providers of educational services for the same student groups. We in Barbados cannot be left behind, we must step up to the plate,??? she said.

The two-day training workshop is targeted at post-secondary/tertiary education and training providers and will provide participants with new and enhanced competencies in writing rationale for a syllabus, formulating general objectives, writing content for modules, creating teaching and learning strategies, and developing methods of assessments, among other skills.



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