The Row2Recovery Team as it entered Port St. Charles. (Images: Sen. P. Gilkes)

Lieutenant Will Dixon (left), and Skipper Ed Janvrin, celebrate their arrival in Barbados. (Images: Sen. P. Gilkes)

On Wednesday, January 25, a team of six ex-servicemen rowed into Port St. Charles after enduring 50 days at sea in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. One of 17 teams to take the rowing challenge across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados, the team sought to raise ??100, 000 pounds for the benefit of soldiers who?? also suffered life-changing injuries, and their families.

From left: Lieutenant Will Dixon; Skipper Ed Janvrin, Corporal Neil Heritage (a double amputee) and Acting Minister of Tourism, Sen. Haynesley Benn at the press conference welcoming the Row2Recovery Team to Barbados.
(Images: Sen. P. Gilkes)

The Row2Recovery Team was met at Port St. Charles by Acting Minister of Tourism, Senator Haynesley Benn; Senators Peter Gilkes and Kerryann Ifill; and Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism Authority, David Rice.

Led by co-founders Ed Janvrin and Alex Mackenzie, the team of injured soldiers included Will Dixon, Neil Heritage, Carl Anstey and Rory Mackenzie.


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