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The Regional Security System (RSS) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and plans are under way to commemorate the milestone in a grand way.

Operating under the motto Strength through Unity, the RSS will unite its eight Member States through face-to-face and virtual events, to reflect on its journey since its inception in October 1982, and to chart a path for the future.

Coordinator of the anniversary celebrations, and Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Co-ordinator, Keisha Linton, affirmed that the distance between Member States would not hinder plans to have an all-included celebration.

“While the RSS is divided by waters, the establishment is bound by the mutual goal of ensuring a secure region.  And, just as we share this responsibility, so too will we share in this achievement of attaining 40 years,” she stated.

The RSS official pointed out that there would be a number of projects designed to bring greater awareness to the role of the organisation, and expressed hope that ties would be created between the agencies under the its aegis and citizens of its Member States.

“Building relationships with our communities is extremely important to the RSS. Many people may not be aware of, or completely understand what we do, but we intend to change that this year, and we hope that our efforts will increase cooperation between members of our team and members of the public,” Ms. Linton declared.

Among the six-month plans for the RSS’ celebration are a number of community outreach programmes: a Family Fun Day; the production of a documentary series on the RSS; a mural competition and internal team building activities.

More details on the events will be posted to the RSS’ website, and its Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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