The Rural Development Commission (RDC) wants its farming clients, particularly pig farmers, to develop better feeding techniques for their animals.

To this end, the RDC will host a workshop for some 50 participants at the Glebe Resource Centre, St. George, tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5, from 8:30 a.m.

The initiative, which was conceived by Senior Field Officer, Osmond Harewood, is designed to educate farmers about new feeding methods, and to promote a more sophisticated technology-based approach to agriculture.

Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Barbados Agricultural Society and Pinnacle Feeds Limited, will be on hand to discuss the topics "Feeding within your Loan Limit", "Feeding Swine" and "Heat Detection in Sows". There will also be a presentation on the Commission’s loans programme.

Newly appointed Director of RDC, Randolph Outram, will address the workshop.??

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