Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite????

Outstanding athlete, Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite, is Barbados’ Sports Personality for 2009.

Chairman of the National Sports Council (NSC), Henry Inniss, today announced that Ambassador Brathwaite, who won the gold medal in the 110 metres hurdles at the International Association of Athletics Federation’s World Championships in Berlin last August, in a time of 13:14 seconds, had been selected.

Mr. Inniss continued: "Ryan has won this (title) because of his outstanding performance in Germany at the 2009 IAAF World Championship."

He told the media that the prize would include the establishment of the Ryan Brathwaite Scholarship Fund for young athletes and an undisclosed sum of money, which he would receive at the Council’s Awards Ceremony at month-end.

"We now have to set up the criteria for the scholarship, including the amount for the fund and how many persons will receive it yearly. We will work out the details and make them known, hopefully, on the night of the awards ceremony," the Chairman stated.

Within recent years, the prize for the Sports Personality was a car, but Mr. Inniss stressed that it did not have to be an automobile. He asserted that a new set of guidelines would be developed to determine what the reward should be.

Chairman of the Awards Committee, Andrew Sealy, noted that Ambassador Brathwaite’s selection was one of their easier decisions. "It allowed us to spend more time discussing other nominations for other categories because the one for Ryan Brathwaite was so easily decided," he disclosed.

Explaining the selection process, Mr. Inniss said the Awards Committee took the nominations to the Board, a discussion ensued and a consensus was reached regarding the winners.

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