The Ministry of Health has advised the public that it is now safe to use Enfamil Baby Formula. This follows action by the Ministry of Health in September, which ordered the removal of certain batches of Enfamil Baby Formula from supermarket and pharmacy shelves, as a precautionary measure.

Testing of the Enfamil products facilitated by the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre, in Trinidad and conducted by the FDA”S Scientific Compliance and Regulatory Review Branch Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, U. S. A. has indicated that the products are safe for use.

Stokes and Bynoe, the local agent for Mead Johnson Nutritionals, the manufacturer of Enfamil Baby Formula has been informed of the test results.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is reminding parents and guardians to follow the recommended preparation instructions issued by the manufacturer and to observe these guidelines when preparing formula:

Wash hands using soap and water before mixing formula. Mix feeds only when needed.

Discard unused formula, since formula kept at room temperature for more than two hours can promote the growth of bacteria (germs).

Wash used bottles and teats with soap and water.

When going out, if it is necessary to take prepared formula with you, it must be icy cold when leaving home and should be carried in an insulated pack to keep it cold. Formula should never be carried warm in a thermos flask.

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