Cooperation between the United States (US) Embassy and Caribbean countries has made the region safer.

This is the view of Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, who is calling for continued collaboration between Barbados and the US Embassy after the departure of that country???s Ambassador, Dr. Larry Palmer, later this month.

Speaking during a recent courtesy call, which he described as a ???bitter sweet moment???, Mr. Brathwaite stated that significant strides were made in a number of areas.

These include legislation on the trafficking of persons, and reforms to the criminal justice system. In addition, the Attorney General noted that officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force were also provided with training.

However, he pointed out that there was still a need for more cooperation in dealing with at-risk youth, and assistance for the maritime wing of the Regional Security System (RSS), which he noted would assist greatly during times of disaster.

Stating that it was a privilege to serve in Barbados over the last three years and 18 months, Dr. Palmer said most of the work done was in the area of security, when the Embassy worked with agencies such as the RSS, the Barbados Defence Force, and the Royal Barbados Police Force.

He also gave the assurance that issues relating to public safety and security will remain a top priority for his successor, Linda Swartz Taglialatela, when she arrives on January 28.

The outgoing ambassador noted that he was involved in diplomacy for the past 35 years, but had never felt more at home than he did in Barbados from the beginning. ???This tour in my career shines above the rest,??? he stated.

Outlining his plans to move to Washington before retiring in March, Dr. Palmer also congratulated Barbados on the successful launch of its 50th anniversary celebrations of Independence.

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