A food safety health expo, targeted especially at vendors who will be conducting business during this year???s Crop Over Festival, will run from Monday, July 20, to Friday, July 24.

The expo, which will be conducted by the Environmental Health Department of the Branford Taitt Polyclinic, will take place at the polyclinic, Black Rock, St. Michael.

It will include lectures, discussions and demonstrations on food safety. Sessions will run from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. each day.??On July 20, 23 and 24, the sessions will be for established vendors.

On July 21, the target audience will be new vendors, while on July 22, the sessions will be specifically for vendors from Black Rock Main Road, Eagle Hall and Bank Hall Cross Road.

Food vendors are reminded that they must apply for a temporary restaurant permit at the Environmental Health Department closest to the event at which they will be working.

Applications should be made at least two weeks before the event. For example, July 20 would be the closing date to apply to vend at activities occurring during the final Crop Over weekend, July 31 to August 3.

The Environmental Health Department has also reminded all food handlers that they must obtain a valid medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. A certificate is deemed to be valid if it was issued this year, and will expire on December 31, 2015.


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