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The safety of Barbados will not be sacrificed by those who may want to flout restrictions put in place by Government to protect citizens.

Barbados’ COVID-19 Czar, Richard Carter, made this clear as he participated in a wide-ranging discussion on CBC TV Friday night, to update the public on Government’s response to the viral illness.

Mr. Carter said: “A lot of the discussion around the restrictions that are being put in place focuses on the discomfort that it may cause to … persons who basically want to continue as they are currently doing.  That is an act of absolute selfishness, and we will not allow the safety and security of Barbados to be sacrificed on the altar of the recklessness of a few.

 “We have seen expressions of this recklessness, unfortunately, among some Barbadians.  Persons who have been spreading fake news; calculated to cause fear, discomfort and distress; persons who have been leaving quarantine, … with the consequence of causing potential harm and potential infection to others.”

The Czar noted that some persons were already making a declaration of intent not to obey the imposed restrictions on movement.  He warned those in quarantine at home, to stay there.

“We have allowed contacts to be quarantined … in the comfort of their own homes.  What we are saying now is that those persons, for example, who breach quarantine because the comfort of their homes become so circumscribed that they feel they must leave, we have identified adequate space at a facility in St. Philip, where such persons can be kept to protect the security and safety of the nation,” he stated.

Mr. Carter urged the public to observe the principles of physical distancing, and to practise good hygiene with respect to coughing, sneezing and hand washing.  

He called on residents to follow the advice given by the public health officials, as well as to show empathy, compassion and responsibility to all.

Thus far, he said, Government has managed the COVID-19 response in a manner characterized by empathy, compassion and humanitarianism.

The Czar reminded viewers that cruise ship passengers had been allowed to transit through Barbados at a time when persons felt that should not happen.  

He added that persons were allowed entry into Barbados when their own country had refused them access.


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