COVID-19 update and question and answer session – January 04, 2021. (PMO)

Sandals Barbados will be delisted effective tomorrow, January 5, from Barbados’ list of approved hotels for quarantining.

Confirmation of this delisting was made during the COVID-19 update to the nation at Ilaro Court, on Monday, by Chairman of the Cabinet’s COVID-19 Sub-committee, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Dr. Jerome Walcott.

Minister Walcott disclosed that the all-inclusive resort chain in Barbados would be removed from the approved list of hotels for quarantining, and not for regular stay. 

He went on to explain that the property was being delisted from the current approved list, due to “repeated issues and breaches internally of the protocols” over the past few months.

He said in a recent meeting with officials from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, namely the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, and management of Sandals, discussions were held on the breaches in question and the management of Sandals came up with a plan on how they could seek to improve on certain measures going forward.

“I’m informed by Mr. Ronald Chapman, who is in charge of the monitoring unit, that as discussed, they paid a visit again to Sandals on Saturday. He’s informed me that they have been substantial improvements…but not to the satisfaction of the Ministry, and they will continue working with Sandals, so that they meet again the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Wellness.”

Minister Walcott noted that a commitment was given by management of Sandals, who have two properties, to use one property as a dedicated quarantine centre and to make necessary adjustments to improve security, so going forward “there will be no mixing or mingling of persons who are not in quarantine with those who are in quarantine”.

He reiterated that officials from the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit would continue to engage with the Sandals group, so the property could be put back on the list of approved quarantine facilities, but until then, Sandals was delisted, as it relates to providing quarantine facilities.

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