In the midst of negative stereotypes, broken homes and poor circumstances, some secondary school children have been encouraged to "create" the lives they want.

This challenge to live a life of excellence came from Life Coach, Dr. Adrian Daisley, as he recently spoke on the topic: ???Career Excellence: The Dream’, to over 30 students attending the International Transport Division’s, Maritime Career Showcase, at the Barbados Coast Guard Headquarters.

"Each person here was created to be great. You don’t have to do a lot; you just have to be you. The person you will become is the person you create. You can’t ever become greater than what you imagine," he advised.

Using his own life as an example, Dr. Daisley told his young audience that it was by his own determination and hard work that he rose from extremely humble beginnings and became educated to the highest level, en route to becoming a life coach and motivational speaker. He stressed that neither where they came from, nor their qualifications, determined how successful they could become.

"It is not about what people say about you, but what you say about yourself. You are the architect of your own life – not your mother, not your friends. You will determine what you become," he opined.

Asserting that "thoughts become things", Dr. Daisley told students everything was created twice – first in the mind and then in reality.

In his impassioned presentation, the Life Coach, therefore, challenged students to give voice to their dreams. He encouraged the few who were shy to verbalise their dreams of becoming the best criminal lawyers, soldiers, child psychologists and hairdressers known to Barbados.

Dr. Daisley assured the students that each of them had a purpose and destiny in life, which could be realised if they first examined themselves, dared to imagine, and followed this up with hard work.

In outlining steps to becoming "dream catchers", the motivational speaker advised the students to start with the end in mind, that is, to "see" their dreams in their mind’s eye and then work towards them. He also implored them to manage their lives and to become productive by working hard at creating the lives they wanted, by first successfully completing their studies. The need for listening, learning and creating opportunities where they existed, as well as moving beyond creativity to innovation, were also underscored.

"The reason you were created was to solve problems. What is it that you were created to solve? What is it that is on the inside of you that only you can do? Whatever you do in life, you need to be fulfilling your own destiny," Dr. Daisley emphasised.

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