Chairman of the Productivity Council, Anthony Johnson

An economist is calling for school principals to encourage their charges to express their creativity as a means of improving their productivity when they enter the workforce.

Chairman of the Productivity Council, Anthony Johnson, made this appeal recently, while addressing the organisation’s seminar, entitled: "Tips for Improving Your Personal and Professional Productivity", at Hotel PomMarine.

Noting that a principal’s duty involved rendering assistance, he said: "Your role of service must be combined with passion and when you get that fit between your personal self and the organisational goals, then you will realise the excellence of which I am speaking about," Mr. Johnson observed.

??The chairman also advised the youth to not only focus on getting a pay cheque, but to take pride in their jobs and to give of their best. "Many of us concentrate on the extrinsic side, which is salary, wages and conditions of service.?? However, it seems to me that we are moving into an era of intrinsic value.

"When you get up in the morning, it should be a pleasure to go to work because you derive feelings of joy and satisfaction that you want to be there. As you enter the workforce, think in terms of your self-fulfilment and the rewards, if you apply these attributes," Mr. Johnson underlined.??

He advised the youth attending the seminar to be disciplined and to cultivate good time management skills when they entered the workplace. Likewise, he reminded principals that: "You are leaders in your own right and I would implore you to pursue excellence for yourselves, the enterprise and for your charges; ethics in terms of doing the right thing; at the right time, and engagement in giving everyone the opportunity to grow and to develop".

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