??Today, Ronald Jones, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, is being shown??work needed to be completed on the new??Thelma Berry Primary School (formerly St. David’s Primary School)??by??Joy Gittens (right), Deputy Chief Education Officer and Andrew Parris (far right), Technical Officer (Ag). (C.Pitt/BGIS)

With the Michaelmas school term scheduled to begin next week, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, has given his assurance that all but one nursery school will be ready to receive students on the first day.

He explained that the island’s newest school, the Thelma Berry Nursery, which is located on the old St. David’s Primary School compound, was still undergoing refurbishment, but that the 60 students on roll at that facility would be accommodated in the St. David’s Church Centre, a short distance away.

Mr. Jones was speaking at Milton Lynch Primary, Water Street, Christ Church, after a tour of five of the 23 primary schools, which had been refurbished during the Ministry’s 2011 Summer Domestic Programme.??

Upgrades sites visited by the Minister included the addition of a second Nutrition Centre at both the Milton Lynch and Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary Schools, the expansion of the nutrition area at the Erdiston Nursery School and covered walkways at St. Bartholomew Primary and Erdiston Nursery.?? He also toured the new Thelma Berry Nursery, which has been completely refurbished.

Other schools which received repairs over the summer are: All Saints Nursery, Bayley’s Primary, Belmont Primary, Boscobelle Primary, Eden Lodge Nursery and Primary, Gordon Walters, Hillaby-Turners Hall, Holy Innocents, Roland Edwards Primary, Selah Primary, Society Primary, St. Albans Primary, St. Joseph Primary, St. Martins Mangrove Primary, St. Stephen’s Nursery and Welches Primary.??


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