Work is currently under way to ensure that all the island’s schools are secure. According to Education Minister, Ronald Jones, “work is being carried out at a number of schools in need of fittings such as fences and security huts".

He explained that the work, which started this month, “is part of a wider exercise to ensure that there is greater vigilance at our schools.” He however, pointed out that the initiative was not intended to ostracize persons who had legitimate business at the school. “It is not to keep people out, most persons use school facilities for legitimate purposes and we want them to be able to do so in a safe environment,” he said.


Mr. Jones also stated that the improvement in security should augur well for the ‘day to day’ functions of school security guards, allowing them to operate with minimal discomfort.


The Minister revealed that further initiatives would be pursued to ensure the highest level of security at the island’s schools. “We plan to introduce other security features at various schools that will be able to provide us with information about those persons who use the facilities; particularly those who use it in a negative way and contribute to vandalism of the school plant,” he pointed out.

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