Some of the manipulative/teaching aids developed by teachers during the two-week summer course on The Creation of Manipulatives, held at the St. Leonard???s Boys??? Secondary School for primary school teachers. (E. Walker/MRD)

More indigenous teaching aids will be available for use in primary schools come September.

Thanks to the Media Resource Department (MRD) of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and primary school teachers who participated in the summer course Creation of Wooden Manipulatives, at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School.

The workshops, which ran from July 2 to 13, allowed teachers to unleash their creativity and innovation, as they designed some of the most durable teaching resources likely to complement classroom instruction.

These manipulatives/teaching aids will be used in all primary schools for children ages three and four, whether they are in the infant department, special needs classroom or experiencing challenges in the main stream.

Chief Media Resource Officer, Walter Harper, while presenting certificates of completion at the close of the workshop, last Friday, said the pieces would be utilised to teach students about Barbados; assist the development of hand-eye coordination and enhance visual discrimination skills.

"These pieces will be used to encourage reading, develop basic Maths concepts and assist students in counting in Spanish. The interactive, colourful and fun activities will definitely capture the interest of the students," stressed Mr. Harper.

He pointed out that although wood was the material used during this year’s workshop, the department would be introducing other materials in the future, such as plastic. He added that the Ministry might need to produce the manipulatives on a larger scale and patent many of its ideas.

Work on display included Spiderman puzzle, a map of Barbados; a Spanish snake game; an English alphabet; a Turtle to help children count in 5"s and Days of the Week board game.


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