A six-week summer camp which was hosted by the National Council on Science and Technology came to a close last Friday and campers were given the opportunity to display findings to their research during an awards ceremony and tour.

The camp was held at the St. Stephen???s Primary School and participants were involved in demonstrations, experiments and field trips, which focussed on life sciences, earth sciences, fossils and dinosaurs, and engineering.??

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harry Husbands, praised the outstanding work done by the children and also commended parents and guardians for having ???the foresight to select this type of camp???.

???This camp???for the last six years has been of extreme importance; it places great emphasis on science and technology. And, I think it is important that you start exploration in science and technology from a very early age,??? Senator Husbands said.

He also assured the campers that the information which they obtained through the various camp activities would be beneficial to them in the upcoming school year and throughout their life.


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