Barbadians will have to wait until the end of next month to find out when they will again be able to taste the popular sea egg delicacy.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Erskine Griffith, today reminded fishermen and members of the public that the existing order which closed the season from October 1 last year to September 30, 2007, remains in effect.

Speaking in the wake of statements which intimated that the season will be re-opened next month, Minister Griffith underlined that a new order would have to be made in time for October 1 this year. “By that time a statement will be made,” he assured.

Governed  by  Section 46 of the Fisheries Act, and Regulation Three of the Fisheries (Management) Regulations, the Fisheries (Sea Eggs Closed Season) Notice , 2006, posits  that the period commencing t October 1, 2006 and ending on September 30, 2007, is hereby  declared a closed season for the fishing of sea eggs”.

Therefore, persons who fail to comply with this order which makes it illegal to catch sea eggs during the closed season will be liable for prosecution.

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