Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Adrian Forde (right) and Parliamentary Representative for Christ Church South, Ralph Thorne, at Harmony Hall where a portion of idle land will be turned into a green space for the surrounding communities. (GP)

Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Adrian Forde, has urged Barbadians to take ownership of the green spaces being created in communities across the island under the Clean and Green project.

He made the plea during the second phase of the national campaign at Harmony Hall and Ashby Land, both in Christ Church, last Friday.

Mr. Forde said his Ministry had over 80,000 trees available for planting around the island as part of Government’s Million trees initiative.

“We are telling Barbadians to come and get the trees so we can plant them around Barbados. All I am asking Barbadians to do is to get involved in this project to get a sense of ownership. This is the type of community altruism that we need in order to paint Barbados as the most beautiful place in the western hemisphere,” he noted, adding that the Ministry’s maxim was Trees Save Lives.

The Environment Minister explained that Harmony Hall was chosen because it not only had a panoramic view of the south but also a natural “biodiverse ecosystem”.

He disclosed that the area would be transformed into a recreational space, which would be outfitted with trees, plants and benches for people in the community to enjoy.

“The Clean and Green exercise is going to change the landscape; it is going to change the way Barbadians think about their environment and certainly it is going to lead to a beautiful Barbados,” he stated.

Dendrologist with the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification, Nigel Jones, said the landscape at Harmony Hall was rich in nitrogen compounds and iron and was the perfect environment for the assortment of trees which will be planted there.

The trees will consist of fruit trees, including almond, tamarind and cherries, as well as some shade trees.

He added that the Ministry intended to plant legume trees which would capture some of the nitrates from entering the Graeme Hall swamp and, by extension, the marine environment.

Another part of the project in Christ Church South was completed at Ashby Land, where an area of land was cleared to create a green space for residents. Workers put the final touches to the space on Friday by laying down natural grass turf provided by the Ministry.

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