A number of security changes will be in force at the Bridgetown Public Market from next week.

Fishermen, boat owners, processors, tradesmen, vendors, fisherfolk and members of the public are asked to note that from Monday, July 9, they must have a valid licence or a valid Fishing Industry Identification Card to access restricted areas at the market.

Those vendors with up-to-date licences, but who have not yet received their Fishing Industry ID, should take their vendors licence to the Fisheries Division, Princess Alice Highway, where they will be issued with the requisite ID card.

Fishermen, boat owners and agents, tradesmen and other fisherfolk, who use the market, should also update their IDs by going to the Fisheries Division.

These updated ID cards must be worn by all registered fisherfolk while conducting business at the market, as they will be subject to checks by security personnel.

Officials from the Markets Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, and Water Resources Management have already met with the fisherfolk umbrella body – the Barbados National Union of Fisherfolk Organisations (BARNUFO), and market workers to discuss the changes. Circulars have been posted around the facility notifying tenants of the new guidelines to be implemented.

The public is also advised that when buying fish at the market, they should only purchase fish from those registered vendors with picture IDs, as these are the only persons who have the necessary clearance to operate.

Persons visiting the market for any other business and need to access restricted areas are asked to note that they should go to the security desk where they will be issued with a visitor’s pass.

Fish vendors at the Bridgetown Public Market are also reminded that good hygiene must be practiced at all times. This includes: no smoking on the premises; clean, protective clothing and head coverings must always be worn; the wearing of jewellery, false nails and such accessories are not permitted; no eating or drinking in work areas; no smoking is permitted on the premises; no cleaning or boning of fish in the stalls; fish must be kept on ice at all times; only fish on ice is permitted in the display cabinets and they must be cleaned daily; and stalls must be kept clean at all times.

These changes are part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, and Water Resources Management’s efforts to bring the markets in line with international standards to satisfy Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirements for fish processing plants.


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