Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite has reiterated his intent to ???step up??? security around the island???s Post Offices by ensuring that workers receive the requisite training in a bid to prevent the importation of illegal contraband.

Speaking today at the opening ceremony for the Caribbean Postal Training Centre, at the Cheapside Post Office, Mr. Brathwaite said that training would be made available to as many officers as possible so that they could recognise all parts of a firearm in the event that such an incident occurred.

The Attorney General stressed that there continued to be an issue of security and ???just two weeks ago,??? he met with Postmaster General, Joel Brathwaite to discuss ways in which to ensure that the Post Office was not being used as a conduit for illegal purposes.

??????I say that just as we sit with our limited resources [and] I???m trying to ensure that we are not being used for ill-gotten purposes, that in fact those persons who are involved in these illicit activities they have more resources, they seem to have better training available to them. In fact, they have a cadre of people who seem to sit and think of nothing else other than how we use the system, if anything. So, training is important for us from a security perspective,??? he stated.

The Home Affairs Minister told participants that the issue of training was coming at a time when the Postal Services were being asked by their stakeholders to do more with less.

???The reality is that across the region, as you sit with your respective partners, we are all being asked to do more with less and therefore this training that you are receiving is not only for your personal development but also for you to take that knowledge and make sure that it is transmitted to your colleagues wherever you are???,??? he emphasised.

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