Industry Minister, Donville Inniss. (FP)

Despite economic hardships and global challenges, persons must seek to use their circumstances as an opportunity for growth and to create.

This view was shared on Tuesday by Industry Minister, Donville Inniss, as he delivered remarks at the official launch of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries Inc.’s National Services Week 2016, at the Grande Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre.

Mr. Inniss stated that a prolonged challenging environment should create an opportunity for persons to really “dig deep into their souls”, and allow their creative juices to come to the fore.  This, he suggested, would contribute to developing a much longer and more sustainable level of entrepreneurship in Barbados, especially among young people.

However, the Minister pointed out that his biggest concern was once “real growth” was witnessed again in the economy, the momentum might not be maintained in terms of entrepreneurship in the region.

“I believe that we have the fundamentals in Barbados to be successful in this area.  Our fore parents worked tirelessly over the years to build a solid foundation, often times without any handouts from government but by sheer internal fortitude that they were able to get out there and work hard and tirelessly. They took some risks, and raised many of us in a village, and eventually saw Barbados towards being a very modern nation,” Mr. Inniss contended.

Acknowledging that the State had a role to play in creating the culture of entrepreneurship, the Commerce Minister pointed out that in order to foster this culture, there must be greater respect for the realities of the role of the private enterprise in Barbados, and certainly for entrepreneurship on the whole.

“We really need to celebrate our entrepreneurs in Barbados.  Not just the ones that have the large conglomerates but certainly the small person who is determined to take $100 and try and make that into $150 on their own. And, these people must be identified and celebrated,” he emphasised.

Mr. Inniss was part of a group of panellists that included Chief Executive Officer of Digicel, Conor Looney; Managing Director of South Central Entertainment, Richard Haynes; Executive Chairman of Automotive Art group of companies, Dereck Foster; and Executive Producer and television host, Toni Thorne.

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