Acting Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Sen. Irene Sandiford-Garner????

Barbadians are being encouraged to get involved in initiatives that would assist their communities.

Acting Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, made this call last Saturday, following a presentation of palm trees to residents of St. Silas Heights, St. James. This donation was facilitated by the National Conservation Commission for the enhancement of the neighbourhood park.

The Senator lauded the work of residents as "a wonderful initiative", stating that once the community had shown such dedication that it was incumbent upon government to offer assistance. She said there were many areas that did not have open spaces and she was happy to assist the residents in obtaining the palms.

Mrs. Sandiford-Garner noted that the creation of the park was an excellent example of what communities could do, since government agencies were hard-pressed to help.?? She further suggested that the park could provide an opportunity for greater interaction among persons in the area, especially for children and elderly folk. The Senator also described it as a way of fostering a community spirit that would help to bring together persons in residential areas.

The one-acre park was debushed by residents and there are plans to install benches, swings and a fence.

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