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The Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Wellness has advised owners of food businesses that they should do a self-inspection of their food premises before the Environmental Health Officers make their official visits.

The department has provided the following checklist to ensure owners pass the official inspection:

  • COVID-19 protocols in place
  • All staff medically certified
  • Regular cleaning schedule in place
  • Pest control system in place
  • Temperature monitoring log in place
  • Thermometers properly calibrated
  • Separate sinks for food preparation and wash-up purposes
  • Separate hand-washing facilities, fully stocked
  • First-in, First-out system in place
  • Foods properly separated
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Healthy food handling procedures and practices strictly observed
  • Linear process flow observed
  • Employees properly dressed

This checklist will also help to reduce the COVID-19 risk to inspectors who must interact with the public during inspections in issuing food business licences.


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