The Maurice Byer Polyclinic will host a special seminar next Tuesday, March 27. It is aimed at equipping care givers of private day care centres with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent illnesses from occurring within child care settings.

The Discovery Bay Hotel, Holetown, St. James, will be the venue for the seminar which will begin at 9:00 a.m. Principal Environmental Health Officer at the Maurice Byer Polyclinic, Lester Cumberbatch, will deliver the feature address to 30 care givers who are expected to attend.

Topics to be covered include: The Role of the Child Care Board in Licensing Private Day Care Centres; Childhood Immunisation and Infection Control; Food Safety; Hygiene and Sanitation and Vector Control.

A reinforcement exercise will be conducted with the participants at the end of the presentations. And, at the conclusion of the seminar, they should know how to identify delinquency in children’s immunisation schedules; how and when to wash hands; how to sanitise and disinfect surfaces; how to keep food safe; how to prepare and service a cleaning schedule and how to control vectors such as mice, rats, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, etc., in a day care environment.


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