Business owners and school administrators in St. Peter will get first-hand knowledge of policies and procedures for evacuation of their institutions, when the St. Peter District Emergency Organisation hosts a seminar aptly titled Operation Preparation this Wednesday, September 21.

It will be held at the Almond Beach Village, Heywoods, St. Peter from 9:00 a.m.

Aimed at informing and preparing personnel in the event of an imminent hazard, Operation Preparation will further reinforce the need for institutions to be constantly in a state of readiness for the impact of natural hazards including, but not limited to, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Among the businesses and schools to be represented are Ports St. Charles, The Fish Pot Restaurant, Almond Beach Village, the Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School, Pizza-Man-Doc, Chefette Restaurants Ltd, Mullins Beach Bar, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Limited, JADA Builders Inc., Cobblers Cove Hotel, Courts (Barbados) Limited, and the All Saints Primary School.

Presentations will be given by representatives of the Barbados Fire Service, the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Drainage Unit, the Coastal Zone Management Unit and the Ministry of Health.

The half-day seminar will include opening remarks by the Director of?? the Department of Emergency Management, Judy Thomas and the feature address will be given by Leader of the Opposition and M.P. for St. Peter, Owen Arthur.

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