The Government of Barbados is looking for ways to help hotels access the funds needed to improve their energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of having them generate their own renewable energy.

This was revealed by Minister with responsibility for Energy, Senator Darcy Boyce, as he addressed a Green Barbados workshop, hosted recently by the Viking Development Group, at Hilton Barbados.

Senator Boyce further disclosed that Government had collaborated with the Caribbean Hotel Association to have energy audits done of local hotels, and explained that an outline plan for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the hotel sector had been prepared.

???We are working on seeing how we can put together arrangements that would benefit the hotel sector, and indeed the entire commercial sector, so that they can become more energy efficient,??? he stated.

The Minister noted that Government was not in a position to subsidise energy prices and so, while supportive of renewable energy, it was believed that the adoption of renewable energy technologies ???must be based on commercial viability???.

According to him, plans have already been set in motion to further renewable energy production in Barbados, with several households and commercial entities having already benefited from renewable energy installations.

Senator Boyce also informed participants of the workshop that Government was already engaged with the International Renewable Energy Association and the Inter-American Development Bank to revise and update the Sustainable Energy Framework, including through consultation with ???as many stakeholders as is feasible???.

The Green Barbados workshop brought together some of the most innovative green technologies in the world. Solar energy is particularly popular in Barbados, with over 30,000 homes here outfitted with solar water heaters.

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