COVID-19 update and press conference – January 30, 2021. (PMO)

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Chairman of Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on COVID-19, Senator Dr. Jerome Walcott, has urged persons, especially those in close-knit families, to do all that is necessary to protect their elderly relatives from the virus.

He made the appeal during this evening’s news conference to update the country on the COVID-19 situation, as he expressed concern about senior citizens being exposed to the viral illness.

Noting the home tended to be a more relaxed environment, Senator Walcott cautioned against being lulled into a false sense of security.

In fact, he pointed out that public health officials have seen situations in which several members of one family had contracted the virus, and implored persons to take precautions, including even wearing a face mask while indoors, to reduce the risk of unknowingly infecting others.

“Especially if they’re living with elderly persons, they must continue to wear their masks. If they’re going out, they never know what they’re bringing back in. They should wear their masks in the house.

“Regrettably, we’ve had similar situations in the country recently, where we’ve had nine members of one family, out of 11, living in two houses in close proximity. We’ve had another situation of 10 family members where they are living together… and the elderly persons are exposed,” he said.

Acknowledging the wearing of face masks in the home might evoke feelings of scorn in some individuals, Senator Walcott encouraged family members to explain to their elders that they were simply seeking to protect them from the viral illness.

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