Barbados??? senior citizens have been put on notice ??? placing credit card information on the internet could be the beginning of financial problems!

In particular, they were warned to be on the lookout for financial and investment fraud as they surf the worldwide web, and to avoid opening emails from banking institutions and unknown senders.

That was the advice from Director of the National Task Force on Crime Prevention (NTFCP), Cheryl Willoughby, as she addressed the opening ceremony of the Senior Citizens??? workshop on cybercrime held under the theme: Know the Signs: Together We can Prevent Cybercrime, at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa today.

???As internet use increases among senior citizens, so does their chances of falling victim to cybercrime. These crimes include internet fraud, with people selling things over the internet and asking for your credit card information??? If you follow that request and provide your credit information, it could spell the beginning of your financial problems,??? Mrs. Willoughby cautioned.

Similarly, she warned that ???opportunities??? on the internet for persons to invest in housing projects in other countries should be avoided, as some of the ???properties??? are actually on swamp land.

In addition, she cautioned them about letters from some African countries advising that they won millions of dollars, but needed to enter their banking information so the money could be ???transferred??? to their accounts. ???Be careful of identity theft,??? Mrs. Willoughby stressed.

She further urged the seniors to be aware that human traffickers also used the internet to profile and lure their victims into their web through promises of a better way of life, employment opportunities and immigration status.

The seniors were also told that following today???s workshop, they would be in a better position to protect their grandchildren, as paedophiles and other criminals usually lurked in cyberspace waiting to harm them.

President of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP), Ed Bushell, also urged members to be vigilant when surfing the internet, even when doing security upgrades. ???It is better not to open them [unknown emails] at all. Once you get an email that you do not recognise, hit the delete button,??? he advised seniors.

Today???s workshop was hosted by the NTFCP, in collaboration with BARP and the Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

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