Geriatric Hospital Manager, Joanell Oxley-Worrell, enjoying the mini Kadooment activities with a patient. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Seventy-five seniors, including patients of the Geriatric and Psychiatric Hospitals and the Gordon Cummins and Elayne Scantlebury District Hospitals, today braved the sun and took part in the Geriatric Hospital’s 4th annual Mini Kadooment, as part of activities to mark Senior Citizens’ Week.

Hospital Manager, Joanell Oxley-Worrell, thanked the staff who "worked tirelessly during the night and beyond the call of duty" to make the week-long celebrations possible and successful.?? "This event gives us the opportunity to bring Kadooment to the seniors because obviously they cannot go out to [Grand] Kadooment, so this is an excellent opportunity to let them take part in a Barbadian activity and have some merriment," she explained.

The Hospital Manager expressed the hope that next year the youth would be involved through GENLINK, or generational linkage,- an initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the elderly and the youth by strengthening the relationship between the two generations.?? The programme was originally started between the Geriatric Hospital and The Garrison Secondary School but was expanded in 2010 to include five other secondary schools and five primary schools.??

"It would be heartening to see this happen next year.?? We would like to work with primary and secondary schools and get them involved in reaching out to the older persons in our institutions," she added.

Coordinator of the event and Activities Nurse, Undine Forte-Browne, noted that the patients enjoyed the event immensely with preparation starting three months prior.?? "They look forward to it and ask when it’s going to happen again.?? They help make the costumes and the head pieces," she explained.??

The bands were judged by veteran band leader, Gweneth Squires and after lunch entertainment was provided by popular calypsonians, Blood, Mikey, Lorenzo, Popsicle and Tabitha.?? The event was sponsored by LIME, which provided tents, catering, and promotional items, including scarves, water bottles and umbrellas.

The week will culminate, tomorrow, Friday, September 28, with a picnic for patients and staff of the various hospitals at Bath, St. John, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.??


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