Recent school leavers and new entrants to the workplace will soon have an opportunity to learn about productivity issues and sharpen their professional skills.

The Productivity Council will be hosting the sixth annual New Entrants to the Workplace Summer Programme, which is an informative series of workshops targeting persons between the ages of 16 and 30.

Participants will be exposed to productivity concepts and will learn about work ethics, communication, teamwork, Cover-Letter Writing and Curriculum Vitae development, among others. They will also benefit from role-playing and group exercises, among other activities, to reinforce what is taught.

Secondary schools and tertiary institutions are encouraged to register students for these workshops which will provide them with critical insight as they seek to enter the world of work. Organisations are also encouraged to view this programme as an addition to their internal orientation systems for their internship/summer work programmes or for new employees.

Sessions will run from Monday, July 8, to Thursday, August 22, at The Productivity Council, 3rd Floor, Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael. Persons interested in participating in the workshops should immediately call the Council at 626-9416.

A new component was added last year, whereby, based on a number of criteria, the sessions’ facilitators identified the most outstanding participants. These individuals were afforded the opportunity of brief internships at The Council and several other organisations which represent its strategic partners.

According to an official at the Council, the internship allowed those young people, some of whom were working for the very first time, "an opportunity to practically apply the knowledge, tools and tips which they had been exposed to throughout the workshops". The spokesperson continued: "Management and staff of The Productivity Council, as well as the interns, were heartened and satisfied with the end-results of this initiative and thus will be undertaking it once again this year."

Since the New Entrants Programme was launched in 2008, the official disclosed that it had impacted close to 2,000 persons and had received extremely encouraging feedback. ??????????????????????????????????????????

The Productivity Council is committed to the promotion and improvement of productivity across Barbados and the region, particularly through the provision of educational programmes.


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