Public sector reform, the creation of an enabling environment and an emphasis on service are elements necessary to take Barbados’ economy to the next level.

This view was expressed by Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, while speaking at the Old Harrisonian Society dinner held at the Waterside Restaurant in St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, last Saturday.??

"Public sector reform is an area that needs to be taken a lot more seriously… Inordinate delays in decision making, for example, is costly and does not aid in our

growth. Included in this should be a decentralisation of administrative decision-making within the public service, coupled with changed recruitment and disciplinary policies," he outlined.

While noting that lengthy decision making procedures did not lead to an improved quality of decision, the Health Minister acknowledged that Government should also create an enabling environment to allow private entities and individuals to flourish and achieve their full potential, whilst at the same time safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable in our society.

Mr. Inniss also expressed a fear that a "mendicant attitude" was prevailing in Barbados.??

"If we do not conceive, institute and maintain policies and programmes designed to help institutions and individuals become more self-sustaining, we will not earn our way in the world. If, for example, when your house needs repainting, we believe that Government must supply the paint and the labour.?? Or when our son robs someone we blame the state. As a society we must all take a greater level of responsibility for our circumstance and not persistently blame others or be exclusively dependent on others," the Health Minister said.

He also had some advice for service providers and noted that we could do much better as a society.?? "We say that we are a service-oriented society but yet so many

seem not to know the difference between service and servitude. Too many fundamental behaviours that exemplify good service levels are missing from this society today. Good day, goodbye, hello, thank you and wish you well, seem all to have died with our grandparents," Mr. Inniss remarked.????

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