What are his hobbies, favourite dish, favourite colour and what does it feel like to lead the country? These are just a few of the questions Prime Minister David Thompson fielded during a recent “interview” by students of the Sharon Primary School.   

The question-and-answer session took place during a visit to Ilaro Court by the Infants A students, as part of a project entitled “Watch Us Grow”.

The students learnt that Mr. Thompson enjoys reading, watching cricket and travelling; that his favourite colour is green; that he likes to cook, and that being the Prime Minister is interesting even though it is “hard work”.

Teacher Rhonda Blackman, one of the teachers accompanying the children on their tour, explained that in terms of exploring the theme, they wanted to look at the wholistic development of the child – the spiritual, the physical, the intellectual, the cognitive and the social development.

“I felt it necessary to have the children develop their oral language skills. Too often we find that children in Barbados are too timid as it relates to interviewing. As soon as you speak to them their heads are down in the ground, they are not assertive or strong enough.

“By interviewing the Prime Minister, I felt that this is an aim that they can aspire to – they can interview anyone. This is the man that leads the country and if you can interview him, there are no boundaries that you cannot reach. So it’s also about building their confidence, building their self-esteem and helping them grow as an individual,” Ms. Blackman explained.

She noted that based on the experience, each child would make his or her own sentences which would form part of a book that would be developed as a part of the project. “It will become a part of their growth and each child will be given a copy of the class reader,” Ms. Blackman said.

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