Those persons who are in supervisory roles in their organisations will soon have an opportunity to sharpen their skills when the National Productivity Council hosts a two-day training programme.

The Productivity and Organisational Improvement through Supervisory Excellence (P.O.I.S.E) training will be held on June 18 and 19, on the Third Floor, Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael.

Participants are expected to sharpen their skills in the areas of: Engaging Employees and Coaching, Time Management and Delegation, Performance Management and Teamwork and Motivation. For further information and to register, persons should call 626-9416 or email

An official at the Council explained that the P.O.I.S.E programme, which was launched last year, seeks to help organisations gain or regain their balance, through the development of a roadmap that promotes supervisory excellence by re-emphasising the critical role supervisors play.

The spokesperson continued: "In the prevailing conditions of economic instability and business uncertainty, organisations have been seeking new ways to promote productivity and combat the numerous challenges being faced daily…

"If businesses are to remain competitive, sustainable and stable in such trying times, any productivity improvement plan must seek to ensure that the supervisor is armed with the pertinent tools that would equip him or her to excel in such a pivotal role."

Describing the training programme as "exciting", the official said the most current ground-breaking concepts and techniques would be utilised to ensure that participants receive critical tools to assist them in executing their duties in a way that would add value to the organisation and their own lives.

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