Spokespersons from local civil society organisations and non-state actors, who are interested in participating in an upcoming national consultation which will deal with issues of gender, governance and finance and trade, should register now.

They must contact the President of the National Organisation of Women (NOW), Yvonne Walkes, at 426-3492, by next Monday, April 12.

The national consultation will be hosted by NOW and the Commonwealth Foundation next Friday, April 16, at the Barbados Workers’ Union, Solidarity House, starting at 8:30 a.m. The groups to be represented at the session include non-governmental organisations, trade unions, private sector organisations, the youth, the disabled community, and men’s groups.

This meeting will examine how Barbados is managing during the current economic crisis and will look for strategies that will assist the island in setting new targets for the future. It is expected to attract academics from the University of the West Indies and other agencies.

The findings of the conference will be fed into the Commonwealth Foundation for the Partners Forum, to be held here in June this year.


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