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Members of the public who will be conducting import and export transactions using the Barbados Electronic Single Window (BESW) are reminded that registration on the system has commenced. To register, persons should immediately log on to https://esw.gov.bb.

Coordinator of the Barbados Competitiveness Programme, Terry Bascombe, said the BESW is for any person or business in Barbados involved in the import or export of goods, including handling and transportation. He explained that this would include importers, exporters, brokers, transporters, de-consolidators and vessel operators.

The BESW will make trade-related business transactions with Government more effective and efficient by providing a single, online point of contact between the trading community and government agencies to electronically obtain the required licences, permits, certificates or other documents to import or export products.

According to Mr. Bascombe, the facility should ultimately eliminate the need for parties to manually handle an average of 36,000 such documents on an annual basis.

“This means that those persons will reduce their commuting time since they do not have to physically visit government offices. Businesses will also be able to research Harmonised System (HS) Codes and duty rates for commodities, as well as check on the status of an application, all online,” Mr. Bascombe further explained.

He noted that the ability to handle data efficiently had become a key element in international competitiveness and the BESW, therefore, would be of great assistance to businesses in that regard. He added that it would also support compliance management and trade facilitation to promote the growth of Barbados’ economy.

Government and the Inter-American Development Bank entered into a loan contract in 2010, to cooperate in the execution of the Barbados Competitiveness Programme.

It is designed to improve Barbados’ competitiveness by addressing the key blockages to the efficient movement of goods, and supporting other trade and investment activities to promote export development and increase private investment.

The BESW is a major deliverable of this Programme, and will facilitate the participation of approximately 28 government departments and agencies.


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