The Ambassador of Barbados to the People’s Republic of China, Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, is the new Chairman of the Caucus of Caribbean Ambassador in Beijing.?? Sir Lloyd is serving as the Chairman from January to June, 2011, in succession to Ambassador Courtenay Rattray of Jamaica, whose term has just ended.

Ambassador Sandiford told a staff meeting of the Barbados Embassy at Beijing that during the ensuring six months, he wished to use the collective synergies of the Caribbean ambassadors, "not to pursue any exotic objectives, but to ensure that Barbados and the other Caribbean countries can work together to exchange their goods and services profitably in the Chinese markets and source competitive goods and services from the markets for the benefit of Caribbean people".

Ambassador Sandiford also said that it was in Barbados’ interest to see China develop sound relationships with other countries of the world, particularly the United States, because such an outcome would be beneficial to other countries, particularly small countries of the world.

Ambassador Sandiford’s Message:?? "Peace, development and cooperation represents the best framework for the prosperity of the world’s population."

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