The Embassy of Barbados to the People’s Republic of China has not yet started issuing visas, which is a requirement for travelling to China.

This was revealed yesterday by Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, first resident Ambassador of Barbados to the People’s Republic of China, as he delivered welcome remarks at the Embassy’s official opening ceremony in Beijing.

According to Sir Lloyd the Embassy was examining the implication of introducing the visa service. He pointed out that the Embassy and its premises would be used to promote the foreign policy goals and the interests of the government and people of Barbados. This, he noted, would include its diplomatic thrusts, and its economic, financial, commercial, social and cultural initiatives.

"It will seek to develop synergistic collaboration between Barbados and China in the areas of imports and exports, education, science, technology, investments, sports and tourism, the arts and popular culture," the Ambassador stated.

He pointed out that Barbados was joining some 165 independent countries and major international organisations in the world by establishing an embassy or diplomatic centre in Beijing. Sir Lloyd added that Barbados was basing its international relations with China and with all countries, including its exchange of goods and services, on efficiency, quality, and goodwill, along with faith and hope.????????

The resident Ambassador also mentioned that the tourism sector and the cultural industries were taking the lead in China’s economic recovery and social-economic development.

"Tourism has a multi-sector impact on an economy, involving as it does the diverse facilities, services, and industries that enable visitors to enjoy their touristic experiences," he observed.

Sir Lloyd added that the aim and endeavour of the new embassy, therefore, was to attract Chinese visitors to Barbados in the short and medium term. "For the long term, and in the spirit of innovation, I dare to suggest that China might consider a project, either alone or with chosen partners, to fill the void created by the termination of the Anglo-French Concorde air services, and design and develop a new, fast, comfortable, and efficient super-long haul aircraft," he recommended.

Meanwhile, in his brief remarks, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of China, Mr. Li Jinzhang, said that the Embassy would build a bridge to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between Barbados and China in various fields, to promote friendly contacts, and to expand further, their long and stable friendly cooperative relationship.

"For the last 33 years since China and Barbados established diplomatic relations, the mutual political trust between our two countries has been deepened, and fruitful achievement has been made from exchange and cooperation in the fields of economic trade, infrastructure construction, agriculture, tourism and culture.

China and Barbados have become important cooperative partners," the Vice Minister noted. ????????????????????????????

The Embassy of Barbados to the People’s Republic of China was established on January 19, 2010, when Sir Lloyd arrived in Beijing. It has a staff of eight persons, including Counsellor Fran??ois Jackman.??

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