Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham (first row, centre) and Attorney General Dale Marshall (first row, right) with the new attorneys-at-law. (GP)

Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham has imparted words of advice to new attorneys based on his wealth of experience in the legal profession.

Speaking during a special sitting in the Court of Appeal in the Supreme Court Complex to admit 16 new attorneys to the bar recently, the Chief Justice urged the lawyers to be flexible in this ever-changing landscape, adding “even the courts had to change in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Sir Patterson also advised them to constantly upgrade their skills, and to read and re-read the laws, especially the Constitution; those relating to data protection, the Supreme Court, the Magistrates’ Courts, and the Interpretation Act.

Additionally, the Chief Justice reminded them to “return calls to clients and your colleagues promptly; be punctual for all court appearances and notify the court of any challenges; and seize all opportunities to learn”.

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