Six young people are this year???s recipients of National Development Scholarships.

The four men and two women received their instruments today at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, at the Elsie Payne Complex, St. Michael.

They are: Abraham Millington, who will be pursuing an MSc. In Music at York University, Canada; Steve Sobers, a Masters in Fine Arts ??? Music Composition, Vermont College of Fine Arts, USA; Jenine Bayley, a BSc. In Prosthetics Orthotics at the University of Hartford, USA; Marissa Inniss, Occupational Therapy at the University of Derby, UK; Andre Harewood, a Phd. in Photovoltaic Engineering at the Europa-Universit??t, Flensburgy, Germany; and Reco King, a Phd. in Computer Science – Computer Vision (Robotics) at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

In congratulating them, Education Minister, Ronald Jones said: ???You have been given what can be considered a high national award, in the National Development Scholarship. It is viewed as quite lucrative and that is why you get several people, over the years, applying for this scholarship. There are expectations of you from us, the Government, when you go off to study and the tax payers pay for it.???

Emphasising that it was expected they would return and contribute to the development of the country, he said their study was considered an area of priority. Mr. Jones further reminded the six of their ambassadorial stewardship and responsibility to the island while overseas.

???You are the Ambassadors of Barbados, not only [based on] your academic side but also the cultural side. In other words, you are the total face of Barbados in your educational environments. Barbadians do not fail overseas, that???s the first thing. The second thing is that we do not behave badly in other people???s places. We set the highest standards,??? he said.

The scholarship recipients, who were advised to become involved socially at their universities were also told: ???You can???t just be academically brilliant but not socially involved or engaged???Be part of the cycle of governance; it???s important. That???s why this country spends so much of its national budget on education.???

Each scholarship is expected to cover the cost of one direct economy class ticket to the country of study at the commencement of the course, and one return ticket to Barbados on completion of that programme.

It will also cover full tuition fees, payable directly to the University; a book allowance of $1,000 (once); a clothing allowance of $736 (once) applicable for students pursuing studies in cold countries; and a living allowance of: $6,300 per annum for students pursuing studies in the USA; $5,880 per annum for studies in Canada and $7,560 per annum for studies in the United Kingdom.

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