Prime Minister David??Thompson (right), and the son of Wynter Crawford, Dr. Mark Crawford, admire the plaque erected in honour of the late politician.????

The renaming of the Six Roads Roundabout to the Wynter Crawford Circle, though appropriate, "certainly is not enough to mark the formidable intellect, foresight and integrity" that characterised the man whose name it now bears.

This is the view of Prime Minister David Thompson, which he shared with those attending the renaming ceremony at Six Roads, St. Philip, last Saturday.

Mr. Thompson said that the motivation for naming the roundabout would be patently clear to all those Barbadians, particularly residents of St. Philip, who had been studious enough to read the country’s political history.????

"No history of St. Philip would be relevant – even if it is time-contextual – without paying due regard to the work of Wynter Crawford. No modern political party since 1937 and into the period of our intense nation-building was untouched by the intellectual power, compassion and foresight of this noble Barbadian," the Prime Minister opined. ??

Mr. Thompson hinted at the possibility of honouring Mr. Crawford, who had served as a Member of Parliament for St. Philip, in other ways, noting that by renaming the roundabout, his name was being carved "on the landscape of our country in the first act – but not the only one – of what I strongly affirm to be our intention to give this outstanding citizen his due".

Describing the area in which the Roundabout is located as "an important and crucial hub not only in the south east of Barbados but for the entire island", the Prime Minister stressed that "the tireless early endeavours" of Mr. Crawford contributed "in no small measure to fortify this hub".

He listed several of Mr. Crawford’s achievements, and pointed out that the Princess Margaret Secondary??School, the Library and the Industrial Park were all "children of his brain".

The late Wynter Crawford also served as Deputy Premier of the first Democratic Labour Party government; a founder member of the Barbados Labour Party and also established his own West Indian Congress Party.

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